Begin Your Online Adventure With These Money-Making Methods: Part 2

Begin Your Online Adventure With These Money-Making Methods: Part 2


In yesterdays blog post we started discussing the different online money making options and we covered blogging, affiliate marketing and network marketing. Today, we shall continue with this topic..

So, let’s see the other genuine ways to make money online.

Product Creation 


Why do grunt work for chump change when everyone else will do it for you? This is the question marketers who believe in creating their own products ask. They may not be wrong to some extent.

Never has it been as easy as it is today to make thousands of dollars.  Identify a hot market; create a product related to that market and keep tweaking your sales message until you have maximum number of website or blog visitors converting into customers.  As simple as that!

But it doesn’t end there. Once your sales page is converting well, you show this to all those Super Affiliates that are always on the lookout for the highest converting offers.

That’s basically the simplified version and the entire concept. Your job is to create a good product and make sure it converts well.

There are thousands of people being trained to be super affiliates. They’re taught how to promote affiliate programs using Blogs and Google.

When you find all those PPC affiliates promoting your product, you’ll wonder why you haven’t gotten into product creation until now.

Again, it does take work and patience to come up with a great product and create an amazing sales page that does its job of turning readers into customers. There are two things that you should make sure are excellent: your book and your sales page.

Service Reselling 


This is one of the most recent methods of making money online.  This method involves selling online services by outsourcing the jobs. Online services are in great demand today and by reselling them, people are earning some of the easiest money online.

There are two steps to this.

  • Sell a service
  • Outsource the service


By making the cost of outsourcing lower than your sale price, you generate instant profit.  The reason this works really well is because there are people offering their services at very low costs.

Take the example of  You find people offering a host of services for $5 a gig.  If you check the other sites, you’ll find the same services being sold for much higher. The idea is to find people who provide excellent quality services for $5, and you offer the same services at the standard market rates to your clients on your blog.

Many marketers have scaled it into a full-time income. Earning thousands of dollars a month. They create a website or blog, offer these services, get them done by someone who’s doing it cheaper, deliver the job to their clients and take the payment.

Domain Flipping 


“Flipping” is selling in online terminology. Domain names are the real-estate that sells at a high price. This requires very little investment if you’re starting small, but today, it takes time to find the right domains people would be willing to pay big money for.  Many of the good domain names are taken as people have made buying and selling their business.

You can buy domains at a domain registrar like, or the hundreds of other places online. However, it helps to research on sites like, and other domain auction sites to get an idea of what’s selling and for how much.  You can also buy the best domains from the “terminated domain lists,” which contain expired domains that are now back in the pool.

It does take an understanding and you need to read all about domain flipping first, to ensure you achieve success. Learn about the TLDs (top level domains like .com, .net etc) that sell and the TLDs that nobody is interested in.

Search Engine Marketing  


Once webmasters have their websites ready and optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) begins. This is a huge treasure trove if you’re keen on learning. An SEO/SEM expert is someone who markets a website and promotes it online in several ways.  Most webmasters are willing to pay money to get their sites around the web and on the first page of the search engines, which is where all the traffic and money is.

If you choose to do search engine marketing for the webmasters, you could do all or one of the following, depending on what you’re good at and gain expertise in:

  • Article Marketing
  • Forum Posting
  • Blog Posting
  • Press Releases
  • Video Generation And Marketing
  • Directory Submission
  • Link Generation
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Lead Generation
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • …and many more such services


A majority of companies don’t do this in-house and prefer paying experts to conduct the SEM for them. Do you think this is something you could do? If you’re brand new online, this may not be for you. Gain knowledge and expertise before attempting to offer these services to others.

Freelance Opportunities 


There are a number of things you could be doing and make decent money online.  All these are freelance opportunities, where you’re your own boss and take up jobs that interest you and pay well.

Writing: If you’re good at writing, there’s plenty of work for you. Numerous freelance sites like,, and others offer freelancers excellent opportunities for both beginners and experienced writers. Once you gain a little experience, you could create a blog and market your freelance services online.

Coding Support:  Fixing issues faced by webmasters is a wonderful way to earn big money. The jobs are simple for someone with coding knowledge, like adding a script or setting up websites.  You can offer support for Web CMS (content management systems) like Joomla or Drupal. Online marketers seek all sorts of coding help.

Virtual Assistant:  Most small businesses these days look for help in running their processes. But they may not be interested in hiring a full-time employee. As a virtual assistant (VA), you’ll be expected to perform different administrative tasks that a secretary or assistant would.  The advantage for you is the ability to do this from your home. Your expertise will decide your hourly rate.

Researching:  You don’t have to worry if you can’t write, code or design. If you’re willing to be online for a few hours every week, you could look at taking up simple research jobs for others who don’t have the time for it.

Viable Opportunities 


This is meant to show you the options you have online – methods which helped millions of people achieve success in their online marketing efforts. Following one or more of these money-making methods will lead you to success, rather than relying on luck or chance.

You should learn the necessary skills pertaining to each of the methods to be an active part of your own success.

Many successful people in online marketing started part-time before they operated their business full-time. I recommend this as the best way to start.

Do any of these areas get you interested?


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